How to Make Ramen Like a Pro

Learning how to make ramen like the pros at top ramen shops is quick and easy. It is very simple to make a meal with Maruchan ramen that tastes just as good as, or better than, what you would get at a gourmet ramen shop. As ramen is a dish that’s popular all over the world, there are thousands of recipes with instructions on how to make ramen that will satisfy any taste or craving. Ramen is a great lunch or dinner choice, because it does not take long to prepare and you can make your own creations just like a pro ramen chef with these simple steps!

The 3 essential steps to making ramen that is delicious and nutritious:

  1. 1.  Start with America’s favorite ramen noodles… Maruchan!

Maruchan ramen is popular for its consistent taste and wide variety of exciting flavors, such as our traditional chicken and beef, plus picante beef, oriental, lime shrimp,  chili and many others. Use any of Maruchan’s products as the base for your custom ramen meal. To get started, simply prepare the ramen noodles according to the instructions on the packaging.

  1. 2.  Add in your favorite ingredients

Whether you like to make your ramen with egg, chicken, kale, carrots, shrimp, or anything else, it is easy to customize your meal with the flavors you love. Check out our YouTube channel and our Maruchan Ramen Recipe board on Pinterest for some ideas! We also have a recipe section here on our website. Our friends at The Balancing Act have videos that show some different ways to make ramen using many kinds of ingredients. Check out this idea for how to make ramen that can be prepared quickly and is great to take to work for lunch:

  1. 3.  Top it off with some sauce!

People love to spice up their ramen with a variety of sauces. Tapatio, Worcestershire sauce, Siracha, and soy sauce are some favorites. We encourage you to experiment with new flavor combinations. The sauce is often what takes a bowl of ramen to the next level of flavor.

There is no single right way to make ramen. The best way is to try adding new things and to look around for inspiration and recipes. Everyone is capable of being a gourmet ramen chef when they have the right ingredients!