Yakisoba Dog

Prep Time



Cook Time






  • 1 package of Maruchan Teriyaki Beef Flavor Yakisoba
  • 4 split-top brioche hot dog buns
  • 4 beef brats, halved
  • None Japanese mayo, to garnish
  • None Red pickled ginger, to garnish
  • None Aonori flakes, to garnish
  • None Chives, sliced, to garnish

Gather Ingredients

Prepare Noodles

Open the lid of the Maruchan Teriyaki Beef Flavor Yakisoba package halfway and remove both packets. Add packet #1 and fill water to the line indicated. Microwave covered on high for 4 minutes. Let cool for 1 minute before adding packet #2. Stir until fully combined.

Cook Brats

Split brats down the middle and sear on a hot griddle.

Prepare Yakisoba Dog

Place brats inside the split top hot dog buns and top with Yakisoba.

Garnish and Serve

Garnish with mayo, red pickled ginger, aonori flakes and fresh chives. Enjoy!